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Welcome to the oll-timate snacksy time! 💜


The fam-olly always comes first! All reviews are welcome and greatly appreciated.
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Not received

Order never turned up

Fantastic taste . A great addition to the range 👍


They taste very nice. I would say they’re my favourite but I like the other flavours too!


Olly's Salted Original Pretzel Thins are a tasty snack with just the right amount of crispiness and chewiness. Their delicate, toasted flavour and just-right saltiness make them ideal for eating on their own or paired with dips. I love these pretzels with protein yogurt as a dip and even as a salad topping!! These pretzel thins are a great choice for any pretzel enthusiast, made with natural ingredients and wrapped for freshness. Strongly recommended!

Another yummy variety

Also enjoyed these although a couple of times they were stuck together and impossible to bite!

Fantastic nibbles

First tasted these fab thins in the craft gin club May box..and promptly fell in love!! Ordered 2 boxes, which, just a few weeks later, have been eaten, by me and various friends! The perfect snack, especially with a G&T. Two more boxes currently on order. TY

Plain or just original ?

I wasn’t a huge fan of anything ready salted, and it wouldn’t be my first choice ‘flavour’ wise. Oh, I’m delighted to be wrong, these are crispy give an almost slightly nutty taste, then BAM ! You get a subtle but very welcome sea salty grainy hit on the tongue, very nice. Try it, if you don’t like it then write your own review and call me a liar lol. Other opinions welcome ……..’


Buy these snacks if you want something tasty, with flavour and your portion is controlled by the bag size. These pretzel thins make you feel that you’ve actually had something to eat. The big looks ‘full’ as apposed to other market leading snack company- their bags are large but disappointing full of air.

Very nice and enjoyable product and snacks.

All the products in this variety pack were very nice and enjoyable. My kids loved them too.

Always a popular choice with our delegates

As a training provider, we want our delegates to be eating healthy, nutritious food while they're with us to enhance their learning, so these are a perfect option for a grab-&-go snack while on a tea break, or to top-up their lunch if they need it.
Great selection of flavours and super easy to reach for; they're always a popular choice.


Tried these for the first time about 6 months ago as I love my crisps and was trying to find something healthier. OMG. Best move I ever made. Hubby now hooked too. Taken receipt of my first subscription now. Love all pretzels except for sesame ones. Well done Olly

Lovely and crispy, packed with seeds. Not many calories. Ordered many times.


Loved them, great taste, really cheesey

One problem!!!!

I wish the packets were smaller because everytime I open one I finish it lol :):):):):):) Absolutely delicious!

Olives Variety Pack
Moosh Bolton
Ten out of ten

So tasty - all the flavours are amazing!!

Ten stars!

Box of yummy loveliness, super tasty and we loved every single flavour. Good value and speedy delivery. Would recommend.


These are beautiful snacks.
Excellent flavour choices , great crunch and so tasty.
Each flavour is so nice and different to the others.
I will be keeping my subscription going for many years.
Me and my family love them.

Second best flavour

These are a close second to the chilli pretzels, good flavour and very moreish

Best flavour by far

So much flavour, absolutely amazing

Needs improvement

Very bland and dry, not much flavour but nice to dip in sweet chilli sauce.

Great package that our visitors love

Great selection in the bundle - we're a training centre and provide snacks all day for our delegates, so these olive packs are brilliant as they are vegan and also a serves-1 portion. Best of all, they're not a carb-heavy option, so they help keep everyone's minds fresh in a way that a bag of crisps wouldn't do.
We've had 2 bundles now, and they've proved to be so popular that I think we need to up our order to 2 bundles per month, so keep up the great work and the tasty snacks!

Delicious olives

All flavours of these olives are delicious. Just the right amount too.

Lemon & Thyme Olives
Kimberley Gould
Very tasty

I was very impressed with the olives just the right amount to pop in a lunchbox or have with a glass of wine of an evening

Olives Variety Pack
Sally Samuel
Delicious olives - my new go to snack!

Really handy snack pack size. Delicious - all 3 flavours. Will be purchasing more!


Just fantastic pretzels.


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